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Kaffemugg JÄGARE Black

299 kr

Note! The print is more shiny than the actual cup which makes it glossy and indistinct in certain angels in full light and is more visible tilted and as a whole in shade/darker areas.

Our classic coffee cup is made in stone type ceramic design with black glossy inside and black outside accentuated with the text JÄGARE in yellow print.

Who´s mug is who´s in the office will no longer be an issue, sit back and enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea in your house or cottage! remember your former training and accomplishment every time you fill up! Whenever used there will be no question about its eye-catching statement!

Note! Because of print this mug should not be washed in high temperature industrial dishwashers!If you want to preserve the mug for a long , long time we recommend hand wash.
Aprox 2,5 dl +.
Size: H 11,5 cm x W on top 7,5 cm.
Weight: 333 g
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