0501 IR Tactical Glint Square - 4 cm

79 SEK

4x4 cm sized Tactical IR "Glint" patch in black design featuring the common hexagon matt black fabric for Infrared patches. Suitable for uniform, helmet, battle vests, rucksacks or other gear to enhance visibility during night OPS.

Patch comes with hook backing for easy on and off!

Please read more on the blog: http://blog.tacupgear.com/2016/08/26/tactical-ir-glint-squares/

Factory spec on the reflecting messurements of the IR reflective fabric:
-Coefficient of the retroreflective is over 250cd. 1x-1.m-2 when viewing angle is 0.2° and the angle of incidence is -4°.
-Weatherability is 2 years for outdoor use, the fabric will be discolor after 2 months under the sunlight.
-Fading rate each year is under 30% when the fabric is over UV4 level.
-Water proof and impermeable.
-Will be extinguish by itself after removed from fire.
-Store the patches dry, avoid direct sunlight and chemicals over time.