0446 Sweden Flag OPS PVC Black Cross Green Patch

59 SEK

This is a subdued military green Swedish flag accentuated with the foreboding black cross and text SWE in a clear no fuss font in the right top area.

It comes with full hook backing and is a rubber/PVC type patch.

The subdued coloration in military green and black will suit both Military and Police and will give the operator a modern almost robotic armour look.PVC/rubber patches is more and more common in the world forces arsenal of patches and has a history of being morale patches but now is becoming accepted as full blown unit and country insignia.

The patch comes with a separate matching loop piece for your usage!

Will look great on your plate carrier!

Wear on helmets, arm or gear as rucksacks, combat vests etc.
Size 7,3x4,5 cm