0420 OPPO KK Glove

349 SEK

Our KK (Knock Knock!) Glove Black is based on the "OPPO" Glove that was created with the Swedish Hemvärnet (Homeguard), Police and Law enforcement personel in mind who need a glove for MOUT / Tactical or normal mission use.

The glove is made for warmweather, harsh unfriendly enviroment.. If You are in such a place!... You will need an OPPO!

The KK version now offer same basics as Original OPPO but with increased ease to wear! It is very smooth and comfortable, it does not feel to "thick" and and offer incredible finger dexterity for handling small objects, that could be mission critical in a Tactical situation.

Made in Black smooth leather, the palm is reinforced and has a padded area, black Hard Knuckle protection and NOMEX® fabric on the top of glove and with a short Neoprene cuff.
Wear them in Urban terrain, folds easily in your pocket and takes little space.

Protects your hands against Sparks, Flash etc and if you fall the palm area offers a padded area to protect from scraping, also your knuckles are protected from from unwanted nicks, and there are loops for fastening on vest, rucksack for drying out and safe keeping.

Material: Top - NOMEX®, Knuckle protection - Hard sturdy plastic, Palm padding - Stretch four way nylon, Cuff - Neoprene , Palm - Cowhide.
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