0225 Sniper Veil M90K Desert

299 SEK

Sniper Veil Desert is large enough to cover your face and neck beduin style with its size of over 100x100 cm!
The fabric feels smooth on your skin and is easy to breathe and see trough, the elastc feel makes it fit snuggly around your face and cools you in heat and warms you during cold!

The veil dries incredible fast and take extremely little space when folded, it helps keep grit, bugs out of your face when riding in helos, TLC, Galt and other vehicles with your face in the wind.

This is the modern version of a Shemagh!
Suitable for NBG EAW, MOT, Rangers and Homeguard, Operators etc.
This is a Sandgren Designed limited produced item, get yours today!
100% Nylon, Not flameretardent treated.